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Own a vacation home, together. 

Own a second home with friends or family for a fraction of the cost, and let Splitlevel handle the tricky stuff.

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Why Splitlevel exists

We want to enjoy vacation home ownership today, not someday.

With Splitlevel, you can buy a vacation home for a fraction of the price, with the people you may want to travel with anyway.

Co-ownership can be complicated.

Without support, buying a home with other people, even those you know well and trust, isn't easy. Splitlevel makes it easy by helping you source, purchase and manage the home.

Sharing a home with strangers, inflexible accessibility, limited locations with cookie-cutter condos... need we say more? Splitlevel lets you own a unique home with your people.

Timeshares are outdated.

Buying and owning a home is an investment in your future.

Unlike renting, owning a home can help you build wealth.

How Splitlevel works

Go in with your friends.

Come out with your dream vacation home.


Form your group

Gather a group of friends or family and align on key aspects of purchase via Splitlevel quiz


Find your home

Select from our recs based on your preferences or through traditional sources


Structure ownership

We create an LLC to put your co-ownership into writing​ and ensure it covers all of the bases


Secure a mortgage

Splitlevel will help you negotiate a competitive rate


Vacation and enjoy

via Splitlevel's management and scheduling app, and ongoing support

How it works

Leave the legal jargon to us

Through an individualized quiz, Splitlevel asks the important questions, understands your preferences, and develops a contract to manage costs and responsibilities.

Everything from lawn maintenance and bedroom allocation to future sale structure is worked out before you own your home.

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Simple and fair scheduling

Our intuitive scheduler allows you to plan time at your home vacation together–or not. We'll also help you list on rental sites when no ones around to enjoy your home. 

Group 37 Copy_edited.jpg

We help you manage all of the "what ifs"...

What if one friend wants to sell and the others don't?

What if the septic system breaks, who pays for that?

What if we want to list on airbnb?

This, and any other question you could think of (seriously–try us) is worked out in advance through our quiz and proprietary contracts.

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Want to co-own a vacation home?
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